Ben "Twin Finn" McEwen // Blueprint // 2001

Someone has got to bring back the one hander grinds

28 Apr 2017

Video by Shad

Tons of sick stuff from Ben to close out the Blueprint video with the final section! Lots of gnarly barspin combos that not a lot of people were doing at the time, he does barspins out of kinked rails then does a triple barspin later on... Whoa.

I remember filming with Ben for this video and he was on it. He was riding at such a high level at this time that almost everything we filmed he did first or second try. Ben has always had an awesome way he goes at coming up with a new combo or on how he approaches a spot. Ben worked hard for the last spot in the video and i think it definitely shows especially with the bangers he throws down. Also im pretty sure this section has the first smith to barspin ever done.- Shad