BMX Is All You Need - Cactusblood

The story of two BMX riders living on the streets of Los Angeles

14 Sep 2015

Video by Cactusblood

BMX Is All You Need is a great piece of video that delves into the lives of two BMX riders living on the streets of Los Angeles. Ross has been homeless for several years, following a crystal meth addiction and a stint in jail found a mentor in former BMX pro Mickey Lundy, who raced internationally in the 80's. Mickey, who has been riding BMX over 40 years since he first hit the track at 9 years old, has also found himself homeless for the last 4 years after his mother passed away. It certainly puts things in perspective and makes feel for those who are less fortunate, especially when they share the same love for BMX as you.

"This is a short film on the life of two fellow BMX riders that have succumb to homelessness on the harsh streets of Los Angeles." - Cactusblood

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