BMX Is Doing Just Fine Thanks - Obsolete Vol. II

A Thriving Massachusetts Bmx Scene

13 Dec 2016

Video Ryan Martin

Whatever era you first came into BMX is usually the era you cherish the most. If you are lucky like some riders to see many changing era's then more than likely you are always going to be fondest of that first one. Its just the way it is. BMX has taken many changes in just the last 5-6 years, some people hate it, some people love it, embrace the changes and the positives it brings with it. After watching Obsolete Vol II I really just wanted to pack my bag for the weekend, spend it with a good crew, build some jumps and drink some beers over a fire in the woods, maybe if we're lucky we'll ride a pool tor two. 

The scene in Massachusetts is thriving for sure, but it's also completely genuine and echoes that mid-school era we all loved. Why change with the rest of them if change isn't your thing. Heres 18 minutes of BMX, go sit down and enjoy.

Back at it a year later for volume 2. Dudes (Northeast Bad Boys)are still riding after work, everyone is still having fun, hanging out, and the scene is really thriving. Despite the looming dark cloud of people's distaste for the current state of bmx, there are still really awesome things happening at all times, all over the place and thats what keeps us going. Hang out with your friends, ride some bikes, and enjoy a crisp refreshing bud light lime or something. 

Riders :Andrew Beaupre Ryan Martin Conor Hobbs Joshua Lyford Shane Lavoie Al Borelli Toby Pettinelli Matt Gaspar Teeto James Leger Derek Anderson Zach Burns Adam Sanderson Derek Witt Cody Diggs Dwayne Scruton Pablo Maguire James Bennett Mannie Nogueira Jamie Cooper-Ellis Dave Estes