Some of Brandon's best riding to date! Bar combos galore

10 Jul 2017

Filmed by Walter Pieringer, Francis Castro, and Tyler Rizzi Edited by Walter Pieringer

This was sick Odyssey bringing it! Haven't seen much from Brandon lately but this was worth the wait from Canada to Cali to Flordia, he stacks clips with high speed nose manuals, tech bar combos, and tight lines.

Brandon Webster is a proud Canadian, devout fisherman, hard worker, and incredible bike rider. Even with a full-time job and hours spent on the lake daily, Brandon still found time to film this killer video, traveling when he could and steadily stacking clips in locations as far flung as Austin, Miami, and Southern California. Brandon's riding is a fantastic mix of tech and burly, and even his most tech moves are landed with such authority that they almost seem burly. Clips don't always come easy for Brandon, but his determination sees him through, and I'm sure you'll agree this part is well worth all the time and effort he's put into it. – Walter Pieringer