Brett Silva Welcome To Sunday Bikes

"Really this was a no brainer."

8 May 2015

Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer

Brett Silva has found himself a new home at Sunday Bikes and team manager shared a very warm welcome for the newcomer below. And our response to this video is 100% positive, Brett is one most fun young riders to watch these days, making everything look easy as pie.

"I'm super excited to welcome Brett Silva to Sunday!

It's a big deal adding somebody to a team – you've got to travel with that person and hang around him constantly, ride with him, eat with him, share hotel room with him, sit in a van for hours on end…. it's a serious commitment, and if you pick the wrong guy it can be a nightmare. The Sunday team gets along so well as-is, there's a ton of pressure to keep the good vibes going. When I started asking the Sunday riders what they thought about putting Brett on the team, every response I got was 100% positive. Of course it was – Brett is a ridiculously talented bike rider, and he's got to be one of the easiest dudes to get along with ever. Super chill, super positive, and without a bad word to say about anybody. Really this was a no brainer. I think we're all looking forward to getting to chill with Brett over the coming months and years, and of course really looking forward to getting to watch him ride. This is gonna be awesome. Check out Brett's welcome video, and don't worry, you'll be seeing plenty more from him soon." - Walter Pieringer