Video Vault: Alex Raban - Peg Leg DVD

Alex Raban's 2007 debut section

8 May 2015

Edited by Devin Feil

DIG is premiering Alex Raban's latest DVD section from Volume's 'The Finer Things' this weekend! The video will go live on midnight Friday and be viewable for 48 hours and 48 hours only.

"With DIG's weekend premiere kicking off Friday night I thought it would be fitting to share Alex Raban's debut section in Peg Leg's 2007 DVD. Rather than inform you of the obvious fact that Alex Raban has been incredibly good on a bike for many many years, I will give a quick breakdown of how this video part came to be. In early May of 2006 I saw a web edit of Alex up on the long gone 20InchNYC forum. I was real impressed by the video and contacted him to send a couple of Peg Leg shirts his way. At this time we were in the early stages of filming for the DVD and I told him he'd be more than welcome to contribute to the friends section of the video. As the months went on, I got to know Alex better via our online communications, and more and more clips rolled in. By the time the video's completion was in sight I was sitting on nearly a full section worth of footage. I let Alex know a full part was within reach should he want to knock out a few more things, and the rest is history. Eight years on and Alex and I are still collaborating on projects with one another. We even sessioned a couple of his local spots that appear in this section together as recently as January. Alex Raban is of the best dudes in BMX and I am lucky to call him a friend of mine." - Devin Feil