Broc Raiford And His Dad - BMX Family Values

Broc's BMX family roots and journey to turning pro

18 Feb 2016

Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson / Photo by Wes McGrath via Red Bull

Broc Raiford's BMX family roots and his bond with his father Ryan, who has supported Broc every step of the way in his journey to turning pro are chronicled in a new video by Red Bull.  This is excellent!

"In between the swamplands of Southern Louisiana, located just to the west of New Orleans, lies the small town of Destrehan, home of the Raiford family and a father-and-son BMX dynasty, Ryan and Broc.  Born in 1968, in Norco, Louisiana, Ryan Raiford was a Southern boy on the loose and hunting for speed and excitement on two wheels." - Red Bull / Wes McGrath

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