BSD Jam 2015 - Street Finals

Always a treat, never a trick

2 Nov 2015

Filmed and edited by Kerr Bilsland

The BSD "Hollaween" jam went down this past weekend at Unit 23 with a great turnout as usual with everyone having a laugh. Kerr Bilsland was on hand to catch all the good stuff during the street finals from Sean Munro, Chaz Mailey, James Chalmers, Olly Rendle, Sean Mcgilly, Felix Prangenberg, Si Gibb, Craig Sime and Daniel Tunte. Once you're done make sure you go watch BSD's official video for the full story.

Amateur Street
1. Jack Campbell
2. Bailey
3. Jack Miller

Pro Street
1. Daniel Tünte
2. Chaz Mailey
3. Sean McGilly

Best trick: Daniel Tünte

Bowl Jam
1. Kriss Kyle
2. Jason Phelan
3. Connor Mailey

BSD Undercover

23 Mar 2015

Stay for 2015

5 Feb 2015