Carl Espy - JIBREDO

Solo shredding in Dallas, Washington D.C., and Sacramento

4 Dec 2015

Filmed and edited by Carl Espy

I am always intrigued by quality solo filmed videos, because they end up with a unique vibe oftentimes and also I respect the commitment to riding when there aren't others around for a session.  Carl Espy filmed this one himself in Dallas, Washington D.C., and Sacramento riding a variety of sweet spots.  Through double angles, and what must be pans on the footage in post production, Carl manages to avoid the static feel of many solo videos.  Hit play and enjoy!

"I would go out and see what I could come up staring at spots or just riding them for a while, just screwing around having fun! Sometimes things worked, giving that awesome stoke feeling! While other times I would go home hurt; or just happy I was able to save my little cameras from being stolen." - Carl Espy