CentJam 2K16

Long jump, foot down, best tricks, and a death race

29 May 2016

Filmed by Keaton Harris and Kody Pollock

Matt Closson getting it done in Vegas, throwing a big jam at Centennial Skatepark.  CentJam2K had all the makings of a great event including long jump, high hop contest, foot down, best trick, and a death race.  

"The CentJam2k16 went down this year on May 14th at Centennial Skatepark. Last year during the BLNTD Vegas trip we threw a jam at my local park so I decided to make it happen again this year. It turned out to be bigger and better than I even thought would happen. We did a long jump, bunnyhop contest, foot down, best tricks, and a death race at the end. Keaton Harris and Kody Pollock held it down on the VXs for most of the night. Shout out to everyone that came out and shredded and a huge thanks to all the sponsors: Stacked BMX Shop, Deco BMX, BLNTD, Shadow, Subrosa, Animal, Cult, S1 Helmets, Profile, Madera" - Matt Closson