Chip Yer Tooth Jam 2014 - ABQ DNV

Good times at the DeVargas park in Santa Fe...

12 Nov 2014

Fiilmed and edited by Mario Carrasco

Chip Yer Tooth Jam 2014 looks to have been a real success, with a good showing of riders and fun had by all. Mario Carrasco was on hand to capture all the action, including an appearance from Joe Dirt who left the jam with a fresh pair of bars.

"This has been the fourth year the Santa Fe locals have come together to create Chip Yer Toof Jam. From the first year to the fourth year it has been nothing but good times and memories shared with amazing people. Chip Yer Toof is a perfect example of what BMX is about..Thank you to everybody who made the jam possible and hope to see more of you next year!" - S&M Bikes' Derek Dorame

ABQ DNV Teaser

24 Jan 2015