There and back all for mystery drum set from his late father and a chance to shred.

23 Apr 2018

Video by Galactic Seabass

This was a fun video, from Cali to New York to get a drum set that belonged to his late father who was in Steelheart, the drum set looked crazy! Check the full story below.

"I left San Diego in my car headed to the Tri-State area with a quest for a drumset this March. That sounds odd at first, until I tell you that the drumset used to belong to my father who passed away 10 years ago with this trip marking that milestone. I wasn't even aware of it's existence until just a year ago and once I knew it still existed I had to find a way to get it. That's exactly what I did, I drove across the whole country and back in just two weeks all by myself. I had to bring my bike along with me and I collected a few clips along the way & with those I decided to make this short video. Enjoy!"