Cody Pollard ‘Dulwich’ Part

Cody definitely has a few screws loose

15 Nov 2016

Video by Crispy Stream

Awesome to see one of the sections from Crispy Streams 'Dulwich' video pop up online. After a heavily booze fuelled intro Cody blasts some crazy concrete waves and has no fear when it comes to setups to flat, how he didn't die on that last setup we'll never know!

"Cody is a breeze to film with, always keen, always happy and always down to have a good time. It’s been a pleasure meeting the dude and getting to know him over the last 3 or so years and an honour to be able to film him. As you would already know, the bloke loves bowls and rides them really well – this part does a little to showcase that as well as some straight hucking. This part is different from his ‘Fall From Grace’ section in that we worked on this for a lot longer and set out to get some particular things, I hope that shows." Cripsy Stream

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