Compass - A BMX Retrospective with Craig Stevens

This truly is a love letter to BMX

20 Sep 2022


Filmed and edited by Ryan Sherman / Pyramid Projects

A lot of long-time UK viewers will recognise the name Craig Stevens as a stalwart of the UK scene during the epic and influential early 2000's era. Beyond that however people might not know too much about him.

Earlier this year Craig got together with Ryan Sherman (a long time Soletech filmmalker and colleague of the legendary MIke Manzoori), to put together this amazing biopic about his growing up in South Africa before moving to Bristol UK, and finally ending up in New Zealand. It's an intimate look at the life of a BMXer and and it will strike a chord with older riders everywhere. This truly is a love letter to BMX.

Compass was premiered as an official selection at the 2022 Bicycle Film Festival.

Craig has longtime support from our OFFICIAL DIG PARTNERS

"Craig Stevens has been on board with Profile/Profile Europe since the early aughts.

Our first official rider in the UK, Craig has remained a representative of the brand for close to 20 years; at the start, while living in Bristol, and into his new endeavors in NZ.

On behalf of Profile and Profile Europe, thanks to both Craig and Ryan Sherman for dialing this in.

Stoked to call Craig family.

Enjoy!" -- Profile Racing --


Craig Stevens R.I.P.