Corey Martinez Signature Sessions - CINEMA

Signature T-Nez Treats

9 Dec 2019

Filmed & Edited: Will Stroud

Additional filming: Veesh, Dakota Roche, Nathan Williams, Nicholas Carballo

Lovin this from T-Nez in the latest 'Signature Sessions' from Cinema. Treats as always...

"Corey came through in signature T-NEZ style for this one. Making moves in Nashville, Raleigh, Miami, SoCal and more on his signature Martinez Stem. Find Corey's stem along with all Cinema product at your local Cinema dealer or tested and approved by Corey himself." - CINEMA

Stem Martinez Cn2300Blk 1800X1800
Stem Martinez Cn2300Brz 1800X1800
Stem Martinez Cn2300Sil 1800X1800
Stem Martinez Cn2300Blk Detail2 1800X1800