DIG TRAILS - SoCal Weekends with Matt Cordova & Nathan Sykes

That effortless flow...

29 Jul 2016

A DIG Production / Filmed by Mike Mastroni / Edited by James Cox / Photo by Andrew White

For the latest in our DIG TRAILS series Matt Cordova and Nathan Sykes, two heavy hitters of the SoCal trails scene, spent a couple weekends ripping through the lines at F.O.D., Bundy, and Wetlands. There is no shortage of style between the pair, that effortless flow makes you wonder if they ride all these jumps every afternoon. Guess that's how it goes when you have the sort of bike control Matt and Nathan possess.  Must be nice!

Matt Cordova is supported by DIG Official Partners: DemolitionVans

Nathan Sykes is supported by DIG Official Partners: ColonyDans