"The more north you go, the crustier it seems to get."

23 Jul 2021

Filmed and edited by Trent Lutzke

The boi Hobie Doan split out to the Midwest to go stay with DIG's Trent Lutzke for a week of hot heat, sick spots, bee-em-ex, and lols. Needless to say he produced the goods as always. Guest clips from Trent Lutzke, Grant Ueberroth, Jordy Kilpela, and Josh Carrasco.

Here's the fully story behind the vid from filmer and Sunday Bikes rider Trent Lutzke

"I’ve lived in Michigan all my life. Born and raised in the mitten side of the state. This is the place that keeps on giving, the spots are endless/unique if you are willing to search for them and the scenery is hard to beat. But no matter how much I say I love this place; my opinion feels bias. Ever since THEMICHIGANVIDEO I have been hooked on BMX and bringing light to the place I grew up. This state has produced some amazing bike riders and amazing scenes. TMV was the first to prove that and now I feel it is my obligation to continue bringing love/light to this place we call home. Sure, the Midwest winters and random rainy shit storms producing floods and 90% humidity suck, but damn does mother nature bless us with some crusty, badass spots because of it. No crack will hold us back and in crust we trust. This environment changes the way you ride and is like nothing I have ever ridden before in my travels around the United States. The more north you go, the crustier it seems to get. Recently, I convinced Hobie that he needed to come experience it for himself. While my friends and I are currently finishing up filming for our 3 year long DVD project, ‘Program.”, I thought it would be fucking rad if Hobie could come out, restoke the boys, and take a trip around all of Michigan, which then turned into all of Michigan, parts of Wisconsin, and Illinois. Much of where the filming for ‘Program.’ takes place. This was a great way to get Hobie out of the Austin heat and a great time for us to really spend some time focusing on nothing but driving, riding and filming. Hobie never ceases to amaze me with how much he can produce in just one day’s time, so I knew I was going to be in for it when it came to pressing record. Unfortunately, much of his time here was spent with a bum wrist due to a slam on the first day and a rainstorm that nearly flooded us out of Chicago, on top of some van troubles, but that’s life and that’s bikes. Nonetheless, Hobie went in and our 2 weeks together flew by from all the fun we had. Enjoy watching Hobie Doan run these Midwest roads and keep an eye out for our DVD Program. Dropping August 14th, 2021. Also, shout the fuck out to DIG and Kink for helping fund our love for the road less traveled, along with Primo for getting Hobie out here. The amount of hype a video like this can bring to the young up and coming Midwest scenes is priceless and I am stoked that companies are down to get behind these ideas. BMX is more than what you see scrolling on your phone, I want kids to be stoked on the lifestyle, not just the likes and style." - Trent Lutzke


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31 Jan 2020