DIG X Profile - DIY Spots - The Rooster Den

Episode 2

18 Apr 2016

Filmed and edited by Matt Coplon Additional filming by Mark Mulville

Welcome to second instalment of our new Profile X DIG BMX DIY documentary Series.

Over the course of the year, the Profile crew will be hitting up a selection of DIY spots to document the story of their creation, maintenance, and perpetuation. 

The Rooster Den is tucked into a historic neighborhood near downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida where Alan Shirley (owner) and his partner, Beth Jordan, invited us over for a session. 

Let them walk you through the details of a slice of paradise created by thrown away pallets.

We hope you enjoy.

Riders: Riley Jordan, Mark Mulville, Alan Shirley, Steve Osgood and Matt Coplon.

Produced in conjunction with our official DIG partners: PROFILE

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