DUB x BSD Glasgow Jam at The Loading Bay x DIG BMX

Trent Lutzke, Jensen Murray, Renato Rancso, Frasier Hill and more

28 Jul 2022

Video by Dave Sowerby and Luc Lynch-Rice

Having a street jam outdoors in Glasgow was always going to be a gamble, even in the summer! And as forecast the heavy rain came but luckily the local Loading Bay skatepark was ready to play host to the DUB X BSD Street Jam. The idea was to run separate jams on different obstacles, and once there were a bunch of riders, Sean Lafferty grabbed the mic and it was on...

Featuring: Frasier Hill, Jensen Murray, Trent Lutzke, Renato Rancso, Sean Munro, Jack Miller, Jakub K, Luke Thorpe, Guy Scroggie, Alex PB, Rob Annis and Logan White

Big congrats to:

MVP - Renato Rancso

Rollercoaster rail jam winner - Renato Rancso

A-frame rail jam winner - Frasier Hill

Kinked rail jam winner - Sean Munro with extra prizes to pegless warrior Luke Thorpe


17 May 2022


20 Jan 2022