Ender Ender - Episode 7 - Dave Young

You were either going to hospital or to get lunch...

31 Dec 2015

Filmed and edited by Peter Adam

We've got a real special Ender Ender episode to end to the year for you on this New Years Eve! The name Dave Young may not mean a lot to you if you're under 20 but what you don't also realise is that you're still trying to do the rail tricks he mastered 15 years ago. Dave Young, amongst others, forged a new path of street riding and when his epic section in 'Nowhere Fast' dropped back in 2000 with Slayer's 'Raining Blood' as the soundtrack, it couldn't have struck the hearts and minds of riders with any more vigour. We caught up with Dave at his Nashville based bar, Crying Wolf to find out more about that huge feeble ender and what steered him away from riding professionally.