Ender Ender - Episode 8 - Chris Doyle

The story behind that manual gap pegs

29 Jan 2016

Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson

It's the last week of the month so that means one thing, a new DIG Ender Ender episode. Flashback to 2007 and Kink had been through some big changes and filming for their new DVD 'Safety First' was in full swing when Chris Doyle found a setup that could finish things off for both his section and the whole project itself. A manual gap pegs was what was in store, but would it work out? Chris explains the full story...

Chris Doyle is supported by Official DIG Partners: Kink BMX / Demolition Parts

Band - Darby Capital
Song - "Honey Vinegar" (AF THE NAYSAYER Remix) [Instrumental]