Erik Elstran - Madera Signet Bash Sprocket

Erik Elstan, an ice skate, and Madera's new Signet sprocket...

20 Jan 2015

Filmed and edited by Grant Casteluzzo

Erik Elstran footage is never dull... Madera sent Erik over one of their new Signet sprockets to Erik's house, and with the help of an ice skate and 4Seasons skatepark he puts the bash guard/sprocket to the test - look out for some wild clips. Find out more at

"The Madera Signet Guard is the first Guard/sprocket that can adapt to just about any type of crank. With the Profile insert being sold separately, the Madera Signet Guard can adapt to 19mm bolt on, 19mm spline, 22mm bolt on, 22mm spline, or 24mm bolt on. 

Inserts (sold separately) for:

-19mm Bolt-On
-19mm Spline Drive
-22mm Bolt-On
-22mm Spline Drive
-24mm Bolt-On

–Available in 25t, 27t and 28t.

–Available in either Black or Raw Clear Coat.

–Weight: 25t, 123g/4.3oz

–Made in the USA by Profile Racing" - Profile