Enduring mosquitos, coyotes, hundred degree weather... and no phone service

15 Jul 2019

Words Steve Crandall | Video Kaleb Bolton

Deep in the cut of the Carolina pine forests, completely off the grid and removed from normal society, sits a DIY/artist Shangri La of sorts, known as Whipsnake.

Built by underground DIY champion Tom Risser, this low-key spot showcases acres of his eclectic metal sculptures and this homemade concrete wonderland…

Miles from anywhere, and conveniently located right in-between somewhere and nowhere, we posted up for a weekend campout, for stop 3 on the FBM X DIG DIY World Tour, enduring mosquitos, coyotes, hundred degree weather, intense summer storms, and believe it or not, no phone service. Pack it in, pack it out, bring what you need, and leave with what you brought, minus a gallon or so of sweat, some blood, and whatever was inside the cooler…

Places like Whipsnake are wildly different than pre fab local parks, and most public spots, primarily known by word of mouth, amongst people in the ‘know’, places like this are hallowed ground for riders who build their own spots to ride, whether it’s a ramps, a set of trails or DIY concrete park, spot building and maintenance adds another layer all together to the riding experience, and Whipsnake is pinnacle to that whole idea.

Build your own fun , throw a jam, bring the people together and share it with everyone…

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Fbm Whipsnake Dsc 0067

DIY trophy courtesy of Biltwell, painted by Thomas Hash.