DIY Detroit Or Bust

Born Again. And Again.

14 Jul 2019

Filmed and edited by Dylan Thayer

How does the saying go? "As one door closes, another one opens"... Well, that's exactly what happened to the Detroit scene when their DIY park got the wrecking ball treatment... kinda. Soon as one was gone, another DIY was born, only to be shut down once again. Luckily the crew managed to a couple of days fun before it was all over. Dylan Thayer explains more...

"End of April 2019, word was out that one of the local DIY parks in Detroit was closing/being demolished. Meanwhile, some homies found a covered spot (this) which was possibly going to be the replacement location. With it already having a few things already built inside, seeming like a prefect new location for a new DIY beginning. I decided to start filming some riding, hoping to get catch some attention of more people to be involved. When unfortunately police stopped an gave the boot explaining not to come back because the city literally just built a Bike/skate Plaza down by the river side. (which is one of the few things i'm working on currently) So this is everything filmed in the first and only two days at what we thought was going to be the new DIY spot." -Dylan Thayer

Riders: Buddy Dore, Grant Ueberroth, Felix Riveria, Trevor Genovese, Zach North, Cory Wiergowski, Jason Govan, Cody Franklin and Jon Sirvaitis.