GLS Crew "Great Lakes State of Mind" Full Length

Making a name for themselves in Michigan

27 Feb 2017

Filmed and edited by Alex McTaggart

Alex McTaggart and the Great Lakes State crew are bound to make a name for themselves if they keep it up with videos like this. We'll definitely be keeping our eyes on these guys, especially Grant Ueberroth who holds down the closing section with a number of real standout clips.

“For this film I set out capture how beautiful our Great State is. While touching lightly on our decaying auto industry cities and our states hard drug problem. Every clip in this video was filmed in Michigan. The GLS crew brings a “run what ya brung” attitude. We see almost 200 days of precipitation. Compared to the Cali scene which is under 50 days of annul precip.. Rain or snow you’ll find us out enjoying what we love! Whether its bmx,mtb, skiing, or snowboarding we embrace our Michigan lifestyle and live it to the fullest extent. From Detroit to Houghton. L.P. to the U.P. Grab a cold one, que the video up on a flat screen and enjoy this video half as much as we did creating it!” - Alex McTaggart