FLYBIKES New Recycleable Bike Box & Sustainable Packaging

Finally, plastic free recyclable BMX packaging has arrived.

15 Jun 2022


Fly Bikes are Official DIG Partners

It's awesome to see the effort by Fly Bikes to help cut down on the waste that comes with new bike/bike parts! Completely recycleable BMX packaging that is helping to save the environment is something we haven't seen before. Let's do what we can to help save the earth!

"Finally, plastic free recyclable BMX packaging has arrived. In a moment when online shopping and worldwide shipping have proved its actual power and possibilities, the packaging of all the products we order on the internet becomes a fundamental part of each sale. The Flybikes team, as part of the bicycle industry, wouldn’t be left behind.

That’s the reason all of us have been working to find a packaging design that would allow an easy unboxing of the BMX we send all over the world and tune in to one of our most appreciated values: an environmentally responsible production that is transparent for our customers.

After a gruelling path that included many different possible designs and countless testing stages, we have reached a pioneer packaging option that is much more than a simple box for bike shipping. For more information check out this link" - Fly Bikes

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