Greg Illingworth - Realtime

"Everytime I come back here It feels a bit crazier"

10 Feb 2018

Shot & Cut by Fraser Byrne

Our DIG 'Realtime' series continues today with a journey south of the equator to the birthplace of Greg Illingworth - South Africa. We follow him over a full day through Johannesburg in the company of the guy who first put him on video, Jimmy Reynolds, to discuss Greg's move to Hastings UK, growing up riding in a place like SA, his influential meeting with the T1 crew during their World Tour in 2003 and his changing thoughts on his home country. He also revisits his early riding spots including the legendary Germiston bowl, and meets up with some of the next generation of local riders, as well as getting taking to the streets and checking out one of the wildest spots you'll ever have witnessed. Hit play now - this a good one!

Produced in conjunction with our Official DIG Partners: Mongoose