Thomas Hooper - DIG ALUMNI Episode 1


18 Nov 2016

A DIG Production. Directed by Fraser Byrne.

Welcome to episode 1 of DIG Alumni ‘Inspired by BMX’. This series looks at four creatives whose lives were shaped by being involved at varying levels within the BMX community. BMX not only inspired them artistically, it provided them with a worldview that encouraged risk, made them open to opportunity, and gave them the tools to come up with creative solutions to the problems life threw at them. These episodes are proof that picking up that bike can not only change the direction of your life, but also have an impact well beyond the confines of the BMX world.

Thomas Hooper emerged from the South East England trail scene. He first came to attention riding to a Snuff song in the Seventies/Backyard video “The Last Resort,” had a stint riding for Hoffman Bikes, our DIG editor’s old clothing company HLP, and was part of the Metal Bikes family. For Tom, BMX, hardcore punk, and tattooing went hand in hand. Eventually, spending all his free time at a tattoo shop while in college for photography led to a deeper interest in tattooing and the realization of a special gift. Thomas is now one of the world’s most sought after and unique tattoo artists, best known for his technical style rooted in geometric shapes and nature.

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Alumni is DIG BMX production. Directed by Fraser Byrne.

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