GT Bikes X Kunstform BMX Shop - Street Session in Stuttgart

Brian Kachinsky, Dan Conway, Jason Phelan, Max Bringer and Tim Bringer

10 Jul 2016

Filmed by Robin Kachfi, Tobi Kind, Dan Conway, Bardl / Edited by Robin Kachfi

The GT team is currently on a European tour and stopped by the Kunstform BMX Shop while making their way through Germany.  Brian Kachinsky, Dan Conway, Jason Phelan, Max Bringer and Tim Bringer enjoy an afternoon with the locals.

"On June 28th the GT Bikes BMX Freestyle Pro Team with Brian Kachinsky, Jason Phelan, Dan Conway, Max Bringer and Tim Bringer visited our BMX Shop in Stuttgart and we run with a lot of locals and the kunstform BMX Shop team a huge BMX Street tour through Stuttgart and stop an some very unusual spots. At was an awesome time! Thanks again to GT Bikes and Frenchys Distribution for that awesome possibility!" - Kunstform BMX Shop