In The Cut: United Tour De France

Behind-the-scenes and on the road

9 Jul 2015

Filmed and edited by Peter Adam

Loading up a van with bikes and hitting the road with a (very) loose plan has been a staple in BMX since the beginning. For the latest United filming trip we did exactly that, driving from the South of England to the South of France with bossman Ian Morris, young guns Harry Mills-Wakley and Fernando Laczko... and picking up 'The French Connexion' of Alex Valentino, Tom Deville and Nico Terrez on the way and temporary Frenchman Corey Martinez. With kilometres covered, injuries sustained, new friends made, fields slept in and footage collected for their ongoing 'Still United' project, it had all the ups and downs of a classic BMX road trip. Le Bangers are being held back for the DVD, until then enjoy the rest of the footage collected over our week through France via our latest DIG 'In The Cut' video.

United Promo

25 Dec 2014