In The Cut - Vans BMX Street Invitational 2017

From Huntington Beach, CA

29 Mar 2017

Filmed by Chris Mortenson / Edited by Wes McGrath

It was a glorious day out on the cement during the 2017 Vans BMX Street Invitational in sunny Huntington Beach, California this past Saturday. A rare gathering brought together some of the world’s top Pros, riding along side the hungry and ever progressive youth! The Vans BMX Invitational was an incredible display of today’s most current and up to date riders. Amateurs impressed us, as the pro’s blew our minds wide open… As far away as New Zealand and as close as a bike ride away, competitors came from all over the world to get in on this annual session! Riders such as Johnny Raekes, Jacob Cable, Julian Arteaga, Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow, Colin Varanyak, Charles Little John, Devon Smillie, Broc Raiford, Nathan Williams, Anthony Perrin, Dakota Roche, Chad Kerley, Sean Ricany, Dylan Stark, AK, Tyler Fernengel, Benny L, Ethan Corriere and many many more!

Check out all the action that went down with this massive set of riders! Thanks to all the people who made this day happen, to all the riders who rode and cheered on the rest of the session all day long! Thanks to Vans shoes and Jerry and his whole crew!

Official DIG Partners: Vans