Jason Phelan - A Year In My Life

Ruptured spleens, surfing speeding cars, fireworks - it's all in there...

5 Jan 2015

Filmed and edited by Jason Phelan

By the looks of it Wethepeople's Jason Phelan had an interesting year...

"I had an amazing year (2014) travelling between ten different countries, meeting new people and having a hell of a good time. Throughout my year I took a train trip around Europe,Hitchhiked between countries (Thegettogames), Flew out to various events,Camped around scotland,Slept in nice hotels Slept on peoples floors Slept outdoors. Ruptured my spleen,Had to come home early due to getting ill missing out on visiting another country, Had a party bus with an onboard dj bring us to and from a competition (thebalticgames) Lay on the roof of a car going about 70 with a stupid mask on with my friend ben murphy at (thefise) Got shot with fireworks (unit23) and all in all had such an amazing year. Thanks to everyone that was part of it and i cannot wait to make another one of these next year. 2014 was awesome." - Jason Phelan

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