Johnny Raekes AM Spotlight

The future is heavy

19 Oct 2016

Video By Sauce

Yeah so this kid fucking shreds it all to pieces. Nuff said really.

Credit: Ride US

Johnny Raekes hails from a small town in the state of Washington where street spots are scarce, but that didn't stop him from exploding onto the scene last year. It was clear that Johnny had some serious potential and he quickly got scooped up by the prestigious Fiend BMX. Chances are you're familiar with Johnny by now, he just put out that short/sweet welcome to Fiend video last week... However this 5-minute heater of a section courtesy of Fiend BMX proves Johnny Raekes as one of today's most talented AMs.

"Raekes is exactly what you get when you combine natural born talent with hard work and a strong passion. The advantage he seems to have over just about everyone can only be described as outright unfair. As he did the previous summer, he came down to my house in Huntington Beach, CA for a couple months and rode his ass off. We drove all over Southern California hunting down the ideal spots for the complicated tricks he had in mind and steadily stacking clips (occasionally going to war for them). He's a rad kid, a good friend of mine and a perfect fit for Fiend.. and also the WWE, so if anybody has a connection make sure you hit his line." -Sauce

Huge thanks to Fiend BMX and filmer/editor Sauce for the assist on this one... Standard Def isn't for pussies.

Cover Photo by Chris Eiland