Kent Fuller - DIG 'LOCALS'

Owning the streets of British Columbia

5 Feb 2020

Video by Tristan Sweet

Vancouver always seems to have a host of exciting new riders popping up, Kent Fuller is the latest in a new generation owning the streets of British Columbia. You can see how hard they worked to get this done!

"This video has been in the making for a long time. most of the footage is 2-3 years old, and is the only stuff that survived my laptop and hard-drive getting stolen while Kent and I were out filming in 2017. Kent is one of the most savage riders I've ever seen. he takes the hardest crashes, his shins always look like they went through a cheese grater, and he still manages to do things I've never seen every time he rides. the older footage mixed with some recent trips and a few clips from Rayden and Chad and we finally had a finished video that does justice to Kents insanity." - Tristan Sweet.

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