Kink - One Hit Wednesday #5 - Sean Sexton

Not everything goes to plan...

18 Mar 2015

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco

Savage times with Sean Sexton while filming for his latest Kink SXTN video in Tampa, Florida...

"The BMX crash clip is something that represents the trials, tribulations, and the more serious side of filming and riding BMX. As of the past few years, the online crash clip has lost its place in BMX, and turned more into a "shock the audience" upload, for garnering attention and views. When we post something like this, it is because an intense amount of time, money, thinking, passion, and planning, went into whatever it is we were doing at that moment…and sometimes it just doesn't work out…and that is part of BMX and what we do.

While on the first filming trip, in Tampa, Florida early 2014 for last week's SXTN release, Sean came across this 180 rail hop he was into. He popped over it casually the first time, but landed a bit weird and blew the roll out. On the second attempt he missed his pop on the 180, and needless to say, we went straight to the hospital. Sean was on a flight home the next morning and in surgery by the following day. Brutal."
- Kink