#KinkHouse How-To: Feeble Grinds with Dan Coller

Flat ledge demonstration and bangers for viewing pleasure

26 Apr 2016

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco

The #KinkHouse is back!  Dan Coller kicks things off with a flat ledge demonstration of a BMX staple, follower by a few variations, and then we get to relive some 'Intervention' bangers for good measure.  More from Dan and Kink below in our related content section...

"Who better to give you the rundown on the feeble grind then one of the dudes pushing the grind the hardest right now. Dan Coller is residing at the Kink House II in San Diego, and we sat him down for a day to get his insight on this classic move. Enjoy the Feeble montage from his Kink Intervention section to wrap up this How-To from The Kink House!" - Kink 

Dan Coller is supported by DIG Official Partners: Kink / Eclat