Live Free or Die - New S&M/Credence DVD Out Now!

Trails goodness courtesy of the Credence crew and Stew Johnson

14 Feb 2018

Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson

We here at DIG are a fan of just about everything Credence puts out, and with Stew Johnson behind this new DVD our interest is seriously piqued. Snag one now, they are available for a mere $5 through S&M!

"Clint Reynolds, Matty Aquizap, James P. Nutter and Co. trot about the globe getting their DEAHs on in this S&M produced trail treat.

Follow the dudes from Austin to Australia... New Zealand to the Pacific Northwest... the Northeast and beyond.

Roasting by dem Credence boys, commentary by Reynolds, camera and edit by Father Johnson - you know this goes down a treat! "Live Free or Die" - out now!" - S&M

Look for the premiere at Swampfest this weekend and UK premieres soon via 4Down.

Leftover Deah

13 May 2015