The Fascist Killing Machine- Setups: Clint Reynolds

Dial in and roast high...

28 Mar 2016

Reynolds  Setups 2016 10

Photos by Rob Dolecki

During the etnies' filming sessions of the final days at T-1 section for the upcoming "Chapters" full-length video (stay tuned for more on that with Clint, Chase H., Tommy D., Ruben, Garrett B., and Joe R. coming soon), we caught up with Clint Reynolds and got the scoop on his latest whip, as well as a little insight into his mods and plans for 2016...

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The Reynolds machine is no stranger to blazing through the skatelite of the T-1 ramp and high altitudes above near-impossible-to-air over-vert corner pockets, as Clint demonstrates here.

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Frame: S&M / Credence CCR, 21” TT

Forks: S&M Widemouth

Bars: S&M / Credence, 9.25” rise X 30” wide

Grips:  S&M Hoder

Headset: FSA stainless

Stem: S&M Turtleneck

Seat/post: S&M railed seat / Thompson post

Cranks: Profile 19mm, 170mm

Pedals: FIT Mac

Sprocket: Deeceman Quad Saw, 33T

Chain: Odyssey Key Chain

Wheels: Tree hubs with GSport  rims, 11T

Tires: S&M Mainline 2.425” front,S&M Trackmark 2.1” rear

Lever: Odyssey Trigger

Cable: Tree

Brakes: Eclat

Kicks: etnies

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Mods? The brake lever, some stenciling; that’s about it. She’s pretty dialed stock.

Why the bar height? Got a nice pull-back, and not as hunched over. It makes tabletops feel cool.

Why the crank length? I feel that my feet being closer together made more sense.

Why top-tube length? I’ve ran 21” since I was like fifteen. I’ve been thinking about stepping up to a 21.25, but I don’t feel crammed on my bike. It just feels like a good size. It would be cool to try out different stuff.

How long have you had your seat post? I won a frame at an ECT contest and traded it for store credit, and got my seatpost. That was when I was 17.

When it comes time to designing signature parts how involved are you? We’re in there. I’m in the shop, laying beads, making cuts. It’s really fun going out to S&M; we go right from the computer drawing, to the shop and have a product the same day. It’s super hands-on. You’re not second-guessing anything, because it’s happening right in front of you.

What is one part on your bike you’d never change? My brakes. I had them off for a second, but I like to be able to stop at trails. I could ride East Side brakeless, but I’d hate to be traveling, go to a new spot and not be able to ride. And doing the mower; they are sick. 

Tell me about your all-time favorite bike? This one. I feel like every bike I’ve had has been a little bit better than the last. I’m stoked on this bike. I got to go to the S&M shop and design it. The old titanium frame holds a special place also.

Are you ever going to have any more titanium stuff on your bike? I always dream of building another titanium frame, but who’s got the time? In the woods, laying beads, traveling; maybe someday when I have my own shop and have time. But can’t go wrong with Chrome-moly for the cost and durability. 

How has the S&M/ Credence collab been working out? It’s been great. They hold it down, and it just gives me more time to do the fun stuff. Looking forward to doing more- we’re going to do a grip, there’s bigger bars coming out, and maybe a tire.

What do you like riding these days? Pretty much anything that has some kind of transition, or you can launch off of. I’ll ride a curb, or whatever. Typically the trails- least amount of effort for the most amount of roast.

Plans for 2016? Gonna win the XGames and buy a house. No. Gonna tie the knot with my beautiful lady, and just do more of the same- riding with the boys, and maybe do some filming. We’ve been working on this one project with Stew Johnson; I’d like to wrap that up. Just streamline the bikes, and keep building jumps in the woods.

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