Setups: Sean Ricany's Cult SOS

The bike change that got everyone talking

25 Mar 2016

Sean Ricany Bike Check1

Photos by Robbie Morales

Sean Ricany has always been a hot topic in BMX and when his recent switch to Cult became public knowledge the internet was buzzing with chat about it. Then his incredible Welcome to Cult video dropped which lived up to all the high expectations and more. Well, today we've got a closer look at the day he built up his new setup with that Cult SOS frame and took it for a test blast at Brookhurst park.

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"sometimes I get lazy with keeping my wheels trued but other than that I keep it tight. "

Sean Ricany Bike Check11

Chopping 'em down just right.

Favorite part? 

Everything, I just love how the bike feels as a whole. 

Any Mods? 

I usually cut my cars down about half inch on each side, to 28', other than that I ride everything as it comes! 

How are you with bike maintenance? 

I am usually pretty on top of keeping my bike dialled, sometimes I get lazy with keeping my wheels trued but other than that I keep it tight. 

Sean Ricany Bike Check12

A street rider with a good table is always a plus.

What do you like riding these days? 

I honestly can ride a good flat bar, flat ledge or manual pad for hours and hours on end, lately I've been playing around at the skatepark a bunch as well. I really just enjoy being on my bike no matter what I'm riding. 

Plans for 2016? 

To maintain everyday. Cheers. 

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Ditch Day1

Ricany has hops...

Sean Ricany Bike Check14

Tire ride to manny 180 while filming for his welcome edit with VEESH.