Looking For Spots - LFS3 Trailer

"The band is back together for one last hoorah"

1 Apr 2022

Video by @lookingforspots

Your favorite spot hunting squad are back with LFS3! Check the trailer and then look out for the release in May. If you're anywhere near New Jersey make sure you hit up the premiere/jam in Woodbridge on April 30th. Stay tuned to @lookingforspots for more info.

"The band is back together for one last hoorah, LFS3. This has been the hardest one yet - between missing tapes, cameras breaking, gnarly crashes, and life outside of riding, the team had to deal with a ton of adversity to get it done. We promise it was worth the wait." -@lookingforspots

Filmed primarily on the US East Coast from 2017-2022. Enjoy!

Featuring: Steven Jones, Jeff With Glasses, Dan Diehl, Chris Dolan, Doroba, Teddy Medina, Alex Avilla, Nick Ponterio, Mikey Almodovar, and Jordan Grandinetti.

The premiere/jam is April 30th in Woodbridge NJ, USA.

Lfs3 Swank3 Flyer Sq

LFS In California

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