LFS2 - Mikey "Smallfry" Almodovar

Little guy, big moves

8 Jul 2016

Filmed by LFS Crew / Edited by Mikey Almodovar / Photo by Chris Marshall

Mikey Almodovar may be small in stature, but he drops some of the biggest moves in the LFS2 DVD, all the while handled the primary filming duties too.  This section is probably my favorite in the video, such a good mix of tech, grinding equally well on his pegs and pedals, mixing in some dope roof setups and a few serious rails.

"Not only is Mikey Almodovar aka Smallfry the main filmer and editor for the crew, he also kills the game with his eye for unique set ups and his ability to combine technical skill with burly riding. Raw, creative, and just overall wild.. don't sleep on this section." - Steven Jones 

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