LFS2 - Dan Diehl

Loads of rails and gaps to flat

23 Jun 2016

Filmed and edited by Mikey Almodovar

Dan Diehl, who is largely responsible for the existence of LFS, is all about crusty rails and gaps to flat.  Bucketing snow off the ledge off for the rail/ledge feeble was classic, guess that one couldn't wait until spring.

"Where LFS all began, this guy right here. He rallied up the troops and created this crew. FUN FACT Originally LFS-1 was supposed to be a DVD with all split sections. (JWG/Dan , Smallfry/Lil Nick , etc) He's been an east coast killer for years and it continues with his section in LFS2. We need ya Dan, come back to NJ!" - Mikey Almodovar

LFS2 - The Intro

26 May 2016

LFS2 - Doroba

10 Jun 2016