LFS2 - Chris "Special" Dolan

Hard slams and putting pegs on everything

4 Jun 2016

Filmed and edited by Mikey Almodovar

Chris "Special" Dolan kicks off the LFS2 DVD with a handful of hard slams followed by smashing his pegs on everything in sight.  For more info check out the LFS2 Trailer, along with DIG's Mapping It and Smashing It - LFS2 and Mikey Almodovar: "No, We aren't the top riders in the world, or the most popular" feature articles on the making of the DVD.

"When Special isn't making everyone around him die of laughter, he's out killing the streets. Special went hard for this section, and he crashed really hard, too. But he's a fighter when it comes to filming and it pays off greatly in his first full DVD section." - LFS

LFS2 - The Intro

26 May 2016