Lowlife Crew - Indoor Life

Winter hit and the session moved indoors...

27 Dec 2014

Filmed & Edited by Jack Nieraeth.

Winter has pushed the Lowlife crew indoors for the next couple of months and they've already knocked out a solid quick mixtape in collaboration with WAOJ. My personal favorite clips were the nollie 540 over the hip, half cab across the pyramid, and steep nose hanger down the rail. Featuring in order Mike Looijenstijn, Jack Nieraeth, Kees Schelfhout, Mike Reedijk, Levi Weidmann, Nino Weidmann, Simon van Graafeiland, Nicky van der Veen, Roy van Kempen, Sharvan Debi-Tewari, Remi Bons, Raphael Allstadt.