Matt Barchus Cancer Benefit Video

This Is A Film About Matt...

12 Dec 2014

Filmed and Edited by .

"This Is A Film About Matt" is a video by produced by Javaun Crane-Bonnell showing glimpses of travel with Matt Barchus and the cancer benefit jam that was held this summer to raise money for his treatment.  In Javaun's words:

"Matt is my best friend. He is my brother and gives the best advice ever. This is the least I could do. Matt you are an inspiration to many, and I praise you constantly. If everyone had the same heart and soul as you the world would be positively different. Thank you for everything you do."

I couldn't agree more.  I've known Matt for many years and he's one of the most conscientious and good-natured people you could ever meet.  Matt is beloved by the entire Connecticut BMX scene and beyond, and we are all wishing him the very best with his recovery.

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