Michael Fleck - A Dreadful Process

Barcelona's Underground Talent

14 Apr 2018

Filmed by Guille Lyon / Edited by Pol Hernandez

We've got a sick one for you today! If you've ever taken the sacred voyage to Barcelona, you may heard of, or even met if you were lucky, a wild young talent by the name of Michael Fleck. Unsponsored in any form and loaded with new age tricks and no fear of going big when it calls for it. Enjoy this new one featuring some of his best stuff from the last few years. HEAVY. Oh, and it's his birthday today so go wish him a good one - @mikifleck

Good friend Eric Sans explains more:

"I first met Michael when he was a little kid roasting airs on a crappy lil' scooter, soon after he bought my homie's old bike and started shredding. Fast forward a couple years and he had grown up to the incredible rider he is now. He did not have the best means to film this video but his motivation made him pull all the pieces together (Through the video you can see years old footy when he was still mad young), despite not having the support from any bike shop or brand and absolutely destroying any old part I could give him, he still got all the clips he told me he was going to get - I'll let his riding speak for itself." - Eric Sans

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