Mike Mastroni - Volume 'The Finer Things' DVD

There is nothing ordinary about this part

24 Aug 2015

Edited by Mike Mastroni Photo by Devin Feil

There is nothing ordinary about this part. Mike Mastroni's Volume's 'The Finer Things' DVD section is his vision of BMX, complete with original ideas and spots that'll leave you rewinding to check if you saw right. Press play and expect the unexpected.

DIG exclusive content chronicling the production of 'The Finer Things' and additional DVD sections:

Mike Mastroni - The Hardest Thing To Do - The full story behind the making of 'The Finer Things' DVD

The Finer Things - Crunch Time - Down to the wire with the Volume team

Broc Raiford - 'The Finer Things' DVD Section

Drew Hosselton - 'The Finer Things' DVD Section

Tate Roskelley - 'The Finer Things' DVD Section