Tate Roskelley - Volume 'The Finer Things' DVD

BMX creative genius strikes again

20 Aug 2015

Filmed and edited by Mike Mastroni

Tate Roskelley continues a tradition of video sections which bring something entirely his own to the table. While Tate's riding has a polarizing effect, many either love or hate it, amidst the current landscape of redundant combos maybe that's the highest compliment that can be paid in BMX. For the record, we love Tate!

DIG exclusive content chronicling the production of 'The Finer Things' and additional DVD sections:

Mike Mastroni - The Hardest Thing To Do - The full story behind the making of 'The Finer Things' DVD

The Finer Things - Crunch Time - Down to the wire with the Volume team

Broc Raiford - 'The Finer Things' DVD Section

Drew Hosselton - 'The Finer Things' DVD Section

Mike Mastroni - 'The Finer Things' DVD Section