Nathan Williams and Alex Valentino On The Couch - 4Down 1Up

Last but not least, Team Williams...

16 Apr 2015

Filmed by James Cox

We're nearly ready to show you what's been happening at the 4Down park in Hastings, UK over the past few weeks, and at the end of each 4Down 1Up session we got the teams On The Couch to get a little insight into the project and how each guy picked their counterpart rider and filmer. The final crew to get the interrogation treatment was United teammates Nathan William's and man of few words, Alex Valentino. The full edits will be released week beginning April 27th when you'll have your chance to vote for your favourite on Make sure you vote and you'll have a chance to win a big ol' bag of parts and prizes.

On The Couch - Team Lacey

On The Couch - Team Mac

On The Couch - Team Smillie

SCB at 4Down

6 Jan 2015