NIGHT SHIFT - Emerson Morgan X Harry Mills-Wakley

Keeping Things Alive In The Bleak Mid-Winter

26 Feb 2019

Video by Emerson Morgan & Harry Mills-Wakley

You’re in the middle of winter, it’s dark before going to work, it’s dark when you finish. The weather is consistently shit, your fingers are close to falling off due to the cold and the motivation to even leave the house is a struggle at best. Emerson Morgan (FIT) and Harry Mills-Wakley (United) on the other hand have different plans for the winter. They took on the “Night Shift” and kept things alive during the bleakest time of the year. It’s quite a task to film enough during the summer let alone the winter. Donned with the night light there was no stopping these two! Filmed on the streets of Bristol, England between November and January we give you the Night Shift.